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High Contrast Graphic Module for Outdoor Instrument Applications

Application Spotlight, January 2019

Readability of LCD displays in outdoor human-machine interaction is becoming an increasingly critical factor in a variety of applications.

Zettler High Contrast Graphic Module for Outdoor Instrument ApplicationsTraditional Mono LCD modules often run into the obstacle of poor readability in an outdoor ambience due to brightness and viewing angle restrictions. Designers must then consider TFT LCD technology to overcome these obstacles, but with the trade-off of more expensive data logic controllers and the additional time/effort required to redesign the application.

  Application: Environmental Monitoring Instruments

AZ Displays ATM2412b High Contrast Graphic Module TFT LCD logic ZETTLER Displays has recently been approached by a leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring instruments (air quality/ pollution monitoring) looking for improvement opportunities related to poor readability performance of mono LCDs in some of their outdoor products.

ZETTLER Displays has developed a High Contrast Graphic Module with TFT LCD logic (3.5” and 5”), while utilizing a monochromatic LCD graphics driver. Integrated with ZETTLER’s patented technology in driving circuit, this HC Module can offer an easy connection and plug-in replacement for customers’ existing Mono LCD Module design while providing a much higher contrast, better viewing angles and more display color options compared to traditional Mono LCD products.

Regular Mono LCD Module VS Hight Contrast Graphic Module

Zettler Displays introduced the customer to the High Contrast Graphic Module (ATM2412 series) which is a perfectly fitted solution for their requirement. Adopting this plug-in replacement solution with a simple calibration with existing product design, they can now quickly convert to Zettler High Contrast Graphic displays solution with improved readability and reliability performance for their outdoor portable products.

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