AZ Displays GmbH designs and markets a broad line of TFT panels and LCD modules in the EMEA market, and has established an industry leading reputation across the region as a provider of robust and affordable display solutions in a wide range of industry applications.

This division of ZETTLER Group combines sophisticated design and engineering capabilities – in standard and customized versions – with intelligent product diversification, reliable supply chain capabilities, and competitive pricing.

Our Digital TFT Panels span across a broad selection of diagonal sizes and resolutions. This wide spectrum of TFT Modules is made available for numerous applications such as Avionics, Medical, Navigation Systems, Industrial Controls, Irrigation Controls, Testing/Measurement devices, Smart Metering and many more – both in standard formats and with optional custom functionality.

Zettler Displays DIGITAL TFT
Zettler Displays MONOCHROME

The prolific range of TFT products and applications for our demanding global customer base require rigorous quality controls, optimal manufacturing processes and testing conditions. These are provided by our wholly owned Zettler Group display manufacturing plant in Xiamen, China.