Application Spotlights and Press Releases


High Contrast Graphic Module for Outdoor Instrument Applications
Application Spotlight, January 2019 Readability of LCD displays in outdoor human-machine interaction is becoming an increasingly critical factor in a... Mehr

Temperature and Humidity Resistant LCD Modules – Display Solutions for Solar Inverter or EV Charging Applications
Application Spotlight - October 2018 AZ Displays has integrated high-end polarizers and liquid crystal fluid into a select list of LCD monochromatic ... Mehr

AZ Displays Introduces New Widespan 6.8″ LCD
Product Spotlight August 2018   The Design AZ Displays is pleased to announce the release of ATM0680L2, a widespan 6.8" LCD with the follo... Mehr

AZ Displays provides Medical Grade TFT LCD Solution for Blood Pressure Measurement Device
Application Spotlight - June 2018 The Design AZ Displays helped a leading medical device manufacturer design in an energy efficient 7.0″ LCD dis... Mehr

New 5,0“ highbright industrial TFT display
Highlight Product - May 2018 The product range of AZ Displays is extended by the new module ATM0500D19K. This is a 5.0" TN-TFT with a resolution of... Mehr

AZ Displays TFT solution for industrial touchpanel control
Application Spotlight - January 2018 Reliable and cost effective TFT displays for industrial controls applications continue to be in high demand. Re... Mehr

AZ Displays TFT solution for E-Mobility quick charging station
Application Spotlight - July 2017 Growth in the global development of rechargeable electric vehicles continues at an unabated pace, causing an expone... Mehr

AZ Displays provides custom glass and integration solution for portable physical therapy device
Application Spotlight June 2017 Physical Therapy Equipment is used in a wide range of applications including professional sport therapy, injury and... Mehr

AZ Displays provides TFT Panel Solutions for Electronic Testing Equipment
Application Spotlight April 2017 The commercial electrical testing market often requires precise, high-quality measurements that can be easily read b... Mehr

AZ Displays TFT Panels used in Biometric Security Control Applications
Application Spotlight March 2017 Biometric security control systems are rapidly proliferating in many private and public safety applications.The h... Mehr

AZ Displays TFT panels used in Medical Market Applications
Application Spotlight January 2017 Medical application customers usually require long lifetime products that are robust and can handle intensive user... Mehr

New 7″ 1,000 nits TFT for the Industrial Outdoor Application Market
November 22, 2016 - AZ Displays GmbH, a leading manufacturer and distributor of LCD display products and solutions launches their new highbright W... Mehr

AZ Displays TFT panels used in Digital Monitoring/Security Market Applications
Application Spotlight October 2016 TFT displays are very commonly used as visual interfaces in security related applications such as burglar/fire ala... Mehr

AZ Displays GmbH unveils their new WQVGA 4.3” 1,300 nit Highbright TFT Display for the Industrial outdoor application market.
82178 Puchheim - August 9, 2016 - AZ Displays GmbH, a leading manufacturer and distributor of LCD display products and solutions launches... Mehr