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Turn-Key LCD Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications: HMI Value-Add (Part 2/3)

Application Spotlight, May 2019Zettler Displays designs unique custom made TFT LCD touch screen displays

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a critical aspect of product design that comes in the form of keypads, membranes, phone applications, or touch panels. Today, many industrial, medical, HVAC and other markets utilize touch panels as the main form of HMI.

With so many environmental factors considered in product design, choosing the right technology is important to ensure a ruggedized solution that will outperform the environment that the product is exposed to.In addition to off-the-shelf touch panel solutions for most sizes under 10.1", AZ Displays GmbH specializes in customization of resistive and capacitive touch panels. With integration facilities in both Germany and China, AZ Displays GmbH can support a wide array of applications and display sizes (up to 65" with consigned product). The following are amongst the most commonly designed value-added services for touch panels:
Optical BondingCustom Cover glass (up to 9H Hardness)Silk Printing
Extended Cover glassLED Logo IntegrationGaskets

Beyond optical enhancement, these value-added services help in counteracting environmental obstacles in applications that are exposed to harsh environments:

Optical Bonding
  • Suitable for outdoor applications, ideal for reducing refraction of light between the LCD and touch panel by eliminating air gap.
  • Eliminates the possibility of condensation and humidity penetration between the LCD and touch panel.
Custom Cover Glass
  • Enhance strength for impact resistance, ideal for outdoor applications such as kiosks.
  • Specialized glass chemistry to address medical application requirements to have non-shard glass.
To learn more about our integration services, please reach out to sales@azdisplays.deNext Part of Release Series (3/3): Performance Value-Add (HDMI Boards, USB Touch Controllers)

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