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Turnkey LCD Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications: Series Overview (Part 1/3)

Application Spotlight, March 2019.The continued evolution of the electronics industry has forced many hardware developers to adopt modular platform approaches in order to launch product into the market as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Today's easily accessible world-wide market challenges companies to differentiate with features tailored to the audience or end customer.AZ Displays GmbH has itself taken this approach with development of their turnkey LCD solutions, resulting in highly customizable display sub-systems ideally suited to developers of industrial, medical, pool/spa, HVAC, and irrigation systems. Our engineering team excels at taking our standardproduct line (1.77" - 10.4") and integrating value-added features/services that include:
Optical BondingCustom Cover glass (up to 9H Hardness)Silk Printing
Camera IntegrationHDMI A/D Boards & USB-HID Ready Touch ControllersGaskets
Discrete Cap TouchConsigned Material Assembly (Enclosures)Custom Cables
By offering as many layers of the Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) possible, AZ Displays GmbH offers a solution for engineers to reduce the amount of design time required to integrate a Touch LCD solution into their product, and limits the number of vendors on a BOM. This reduces qualification time, improves tolerance stack up within the HMI components, and reduces software/firmware initialization design time. By saving engineers time and money, AZ Displays GmbH helps to keep their customers ahead of the curve and get product out into the market as efficiently as possible.The subsequent parts of this application spotlight series will feature :Part 2/3: Visual Value-Add (Optical Bonding, Silk Printing, Custom Cover glass)Part 3/3: Performance Value-Add (HDMI Boards, USB Touch Controllers, Sealing/Gaskets).To learn more about our integration services, please reach out to

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