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AZ Displays announces high resolution, high temperature rated 10.25'' IPS LCD with PCAP touch

AZ Displays GmbH continues to expand its product offering for the industrial and medical market. The newest IPS module, ATM1025L1-CT, is a unique wide aspect ratio IPS display that is designed to operate at -30 to 85 C. This LCD module has already received a lot of interest in the market for medical applications, time management systems, marine clusters, and several other designs. This 10.25" display was designed with high performance in mind, with the following specifications:

Resolution1920 x 720AZ Displays GmbH ATM1025L1-CT IPS LCD with PCAP touch
Brightness680 (can be increased to 1K+)
InterfaceLVDS (data logic)
Viewing80 degree all around (IPS)
Operating Temperature-30 C to 85 C

In order for the LCD module to operate at extended temperatures, AZ Displays GmbH used premium polarizers and liquid crystal fluid to initiate the active matrix into operating with minimal latency at the low temperature end (-30 C), and high tolerance to warping and burning of the polarizer at extreme heat. This quality, along with high temperature rated IC's and an option for optical bonding between LCD and touch screen make this module highly suitable for a wide array of applications and environments.

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